Grip Hangers & Filler Plates

Filler plates are necessary for all universal testing machines with in-head grip pockets whether they use pinion grip actuators or hydraulic lever arm actuators. Filler plates allow the grip jaw opening to be adjusted to allow testing a range of specimen thicknesses. Adding filler plates allows the grip jaws to close earlier, and grip a thinner specimen, while removing filler plates allows the grip jaws to open wider and grip thicker specimens. 

Filler plates are essential for preventing the grip jaws from protruding from the grip pocket while still allowing full use of the grip jaw range. 

Grip jaw hangers are used only with hydraulic lever arm grips. It is recommended that one set of hangers be purchased for each set of grip jaws. This allows switching from one set of jaws or jaw type to another without removing the hangers from the grip jaw. This reduces the time and effort required to change the grip jaws on hydraulic lever arm equipped frames. 

Note: One set of hangers are included with hydraulic lever arm grips.


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