RD & QC Compression

Designed to be centered on the loading axis of a RD or QC test machine load frame, compression platens provide a hardened surface (Rockwell HRC 58/60) for complex compression tests in which uniform stress distribution is critical. Plane and spherically seated compression platens are available in a range of diameters. 

Designed to mount directly to the table or upper head of the frame, compression platens are available with numerous types of adapters, making them compatible with a wide range of testing platforms. 

Cube and Cylinder Fixtures typically consist of an upper spherical compression platen that is used in conjunction with existing machine spacers and lower platens. In the case of cube fixtures being used on large capacity frames, an additional lower sub-platen may be included. These fixtures are used to apply a compressive force to a specifically sized cube or cylinder.  

Splitting Tensile fixtures are used for splitting cylinders along the length of the cylinder to determine their splitting tensile strength. The fixture has an upper splitting head with a bearing bar surface that is free to tilt 4 degrees along the length of the cylinder. Applying a compressive load with this fixture induces tensile stresses on the plane containing the applied load.


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