Hydraulic Side Action

Instron® hydraulic side-acting grips provide an innovative solution for high-capacity testing and deliver enhanced gripping performance, usability, and operator safety over traditional grip designs. These advanced grips maintain a constant clamping force on the specimen that acts perpendicular to the direction of testing and is independent of tensile loading.

Principle Of Operation

Instron’s dual side-acting grips incorporate our latest DuraSync™ technology. This self-centering mechanical synchronizer (patent pending) provides many improvements over hydraulic or mechanical rack and pinion designs commonly found in the marketplace. 
  • Side-load dampening reduces the risk of grip damage when testing slightly bent or irregularly shaped specimens such as rebar or wire rod 
  • Opposing jaw faces repeatedly self-center during specimen clamping reducing testing time and eliminating the need to re-synchronize the grip faces between tests 
  • The synchronizer is located outside the gripping pocket preventing mechanical failure due to contamination

Application Range

  • Tensile tests on a wide range of materials including: steel rod and plate, machined rounds and flats, reinforcement bar, 3- and 7-wire strand, conveyor belt, and wood products 
  • Tension-tension cyclic tests 
  • Compression testing using optional secondary loadstring adapter 
  • Low-frequency, thru-zero cyclic testing with thru-zero support option 
  • Note: For static electromechanical systems, a low-pressure, standalone pump is required.