Alignment fixtures

Some applications require very good specimen alignment. This is achieved by using special fixtures designed to allow specimen alignment to be optimised.

Principle Of Operation

A variety of fixtures can be used to control both concentricity and angularity. The specially designed AlignPro system consists of a fixture that is mounted between the load cell and the loadframe and allows easy adjustment of both concentricity and angularity.

The fixture has been designed for use with a strain gauged specimen mounted in the grips. The output from the gauges indicates the degree of misalignment and these can be input to AlignPro software which provides a numerical and pictorial view of the degree of bending in the specimen. 

Adjustments can be made in "realtime" and the effect on bending seen immediately. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of achieving optimum alignment.

Application Range

  • Static, fatigue and through-zero tests on materials where optimum alignment is critical