CP126002 and CP126003 | Debris Shield for Table Mounted Testing Machines

Instron materials testing systems are designed to be as safe as possible, but some applications can pose dangers to operators because of debris or potential pinch hazards. A hinged shield is the most common method to protect users but require operators to step away from the machine and into the walkway to open or close the shield. This slows the operation of the system, annoys operators, and severely limits the lab space in which it can be installed. To protect operators without harming usability, Instron has developed new sliding shields for tabletop systems.

The sheet metal and polycarbonate shield encases the front of the test machine, separating the user from debris and moving parts while also giving excellent visibility. To access the test space, the sliding door is opened to the left and specimens and grips can be loaded through the 845mm tall and 440mm wide port. When open, the shield increases the frame footprint slightly but does not interfere with the operator area and doe not require the operator to step away from the frame to operate. For an added degree of safety, the shield can be equipped with an optional magnetic interlock which prevents tests from being started with the door open and can be configured to prevent all crosshead motion when the door is open. Clearance between the center of the load string and the shield is 144mm

The non-interlocked Debris Shield may be appropriate in low risk applications for protection against non-hazardous debris such as dust, fibers or heat treat scales. Most applications do not require a guard, however it is essential and often required by regulations that our customers conduct a risk assessment for their particular application. Instron can assist you in conducting this risk assessment. Per your risk assessment, if there is a possibility that the breakup of your specimens can create hazardous projectiles, or if crush hazards exist due to inserting very short specimens by hand, then an interlocked guard must be used in order to comply with international regulations and directives. In addition, if your risk assessment indicates that a hazard exists from dangerous projectiles being ejected to the rear of the machine then a rear guard may also be required.

Use with Model 336X (dual T-slot column cover style only), and 596X dual column table top, standard width and height load frames only. CP126002 can be used on any 336X or 596X standard height / standard width frame, and CP126003 is for extra height 336X and 596X table model frames.Not for use with video extensometers.

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