A Thermomechanical Fatigue (TMF) system simulates the combined effects of mechanical fatigue and thermal cycling, normally experienced by gas turbines and similar equipment during operation. Taking full advantage of the sophisticated 8800 digital controller, Instron® offers fully-integrated TMF systems capable of replicating the most arduous operating conditions, such as emergency shut-downs of land-based turbines or afterburner activation in jet turbines.

As a world leading supplier of integrated TMF testing solutions, Instron has systems installed in many different countries. Thermomechanical Fatigue systems can be based around the popular servohydraulic fatigue testing systems, such as the 8801 100 kN or 8802 250 kN, or can be integrated onto a 8861 or 8862 servo-electric machines. Thermomechanical Fatigue Testing systems can also be designed into more advanced systems, such as axial-torsional or planar biaxial cruciform testing machines.

The fully-automated Instron TMF testing software package complies to the relevant sections of the standards ASTM E2368 and the recently released ISO 12111. It comprises of four distinct stages:

  • Stabilization
  • Thermal Strain Measurement
  • Verification
  • TMF Testing

The latest digital RF induction heating products and forced cooling cage technology, combined with the easiness of use of the dual PID capability of the latest Eurotherm temperature controller, allow precise temperature cycling up to 1100° C with heating rates of up to and over 50° C/s and cooling rates in excess of 25° C/s.


  • Fully adjustable coil and extensometer positioning system
  • The modular design of the water-cooled grips with interchangeable heads allow for a wide range of different specimen types to be tested
  • AlignPRO provides full angularity and concentricity adjustment with load cell fully pre-loaded.
  • High-temperature precision purpose-designed extensometer
  • Specimen cooling options: natural or forced, internal or external
  • Interlocked safety screen
  • Advanced thermocouple monitoring system and software
  • Profiled coil design to suit the specimen geometry and material
  • 19'' rack-mounted control unit for a packaged solution
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