CEAST: Compagnia Europea Apparecchi Scientifici Torino (CEAST)

CEAST stands for Compagnia Europea Apparecchi Scientifici, Torino.  This is an Italian phrase meaning a European Scientific Instruments Company located in Torino.
From the acronym, you may have guessed that CEAST was founded in Italy.  However, today it is no longer just a European company. CEAST was acquired by Illinois Tool Works (ITW) in 2008 and has been positioned under its Test & Measurement Group’s Instron Division.
Today the CEAST product lines are sold around the world through Instron's sales & service team as well as a local agencies.
The company was originally founded in 1953 by Dr. Mario Grosso. CEAST supplied instruments for the Italian Petrochemical Industry that had been destroyed by the World War II. CEAST starting then to develop instruments for polymers characterization, research and quality control, collaborating with Dr. Giulio Natta (Nobel Prize winner for the first synthesis of Polypropylene). CEAST was known for supplying advanced testing equipment for mechanical, physical and rheological characterization of all polymer types with the first Melt Flow instrument in 1960.

Today, CEAST products are still designed and manufactured in Italy.