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Working at Instron

I graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Product Design and Technology and have since worked in a series of engineering based roles which have led me to Instron.

I joined the team here in October 2016 taking up a new role as Project Engineer in the Electropuls team.

What does your role involve? 

As a Project Engineer I predominantly work on:

  • Developing concepts
  • Scheduling projects
  • Putting together costings and budgets for new custom projects
  • Building and testing components
  • Solving engineering issues that arise from the build team to create a more effective process

Every day is different, I never know what my next project will be; whether it be a new medical or bio accessory, upgrading and enhancing an old design or developing improved assembly/test methods and fixturing for our build team.

How did you become a Project Engineer? 

I moved into Project Engineering quite naturally as I progressed through different engineering roles. As I gained more experience in my career I had the opportunities to take on larger projects and manage the development of the projects through to completion.

I really enjoy it as I still have the chance to work on the design of the products while also working closely with other departments to manage the project and keep it moving forward smoothly.

Top Tips


“A placement year gives you a big advantage when looking for your career after University. It is a big step moving from University into your first graduate role, but a placement year makes the step a lot easier.”