ElectroPuls Applications Engineer

Graduate Support Engineer Alessandro Zazzarelli

Working at Instron

My role is highly focused on one “family” of products. I support our sales team throughout to help in machine sales and provide technical support.

I have also gained responsibility for managing a range of products, helping me be more involved in the strategic planning of products.

I am also very involved in more of the business aspect, finding ways of growing the market.

What does your role involve?

I joined Instron in March 2012 and I moved to my current role in March 2015, during that time I have changed role internally 3 times to the one I am currently in.

I enjoy working at Instron as it continues to allow me to learn and gain new responsibilities. I knew of Instron from my time at university, having worked on our machines throughout my university career. I can now appreciate just how broad our product range is and the number of applications that our machines are used for.

How did you become an Applications Engineer?

I graduated with a MEng and as part of my degree I spent a year in industry working as a design engineer. This is where I first understood that I was more interested in the business aspect than “pure” engineering.

This job allows me to use my engineering knowledge for the technical support, but focuses on developing my business interests.

Top Tips

"Don’t waste time on applications that you know won’t interest you but go all in on the ones that do. A little thoughtfulness when applying shines through and goes a long way."

"Don’t wait for the perfect job and don’t overthink things; even a bad experience is good for finding out what you really want and is better than none at all."