Test Technician

Frank Castillo Frank Castillo

Working at Instron 

I have been with Instron for nearly 5 years and I can honestly say that I’ve loved every minute of it, it’s an incredible change from my previous work in the automotive industry.  From the get go working for Instron has been constantly engaging with a good variety of challenges thrown in, I really love the product and I find that there is always something interesting happening on the shop floor.

What does your role involve?

I am a Test Technician for the Engineered Systems Group which boasts some of the more complex and custom servo-hydraulic systems that we manufacture; my role is always interesting and can involve any or all of the following:

  • Hydraulic setup/test
  • Hydraulic assembly
  • Calibration
  • System Integration
  • Electronic assembly/test
  • Custom assembly/test
  • Fault finding of various hydraulic/mechanical/electrical assemblies
  • Preparing orders for shipment
  • Testing of customer supplied samples

In addition to this I am responsible for all lifting tackle on site in terms of supplying new items and ensuring the biannual inspections are carried out. I am also the lead 5S auditor and part of the team to provide monthly 5S audits to the each department on the site with the aim to improve the overall 5S score.

How did you become a Test Technician?

Previous to joining Instron I was stuck for a long time in a job I didn’t really like and this became increasingly difficult on a daily basis due to the economic downturn – I wanted out. My friend and colleague told me of a few roles within Instron which seemed to suit my skillset and since joining I’ve never looked back.

Top Tips

" Don't be afraid to get involved with anything you find interesting, like many others have said, Instron is a big family and everyone will do their best to help and support you! "