Note: The list of features shown below is intended to highlight significant enhancements included with each software version release. For a complete list of enhancements and modifications by version, please reference the Bluehill Central Release Notes, which is stored within the Instron folder accessible from Windows Start. If Bluehill Central has not been installed, please contact us to request the Release Notes.

Bluehill Central v1.18

Released December 2022

  • TrendTracker query performance improved.

Bluehill Central v1.15

Released April 2022

  • TrendTracker module released! TrendTracker allows users to remotely perform statistical process control (SPC) on all your Instron test results. Find trends and outliers in your material by creating customized search templates with the data, statistics, and visual charts most important to you. All Instron systems with the TrendTracker plug-in for Bluehill Universal can automatically send data to TrendTracker’s database managed by Bluehill Central.

Bluehill Central v1.12

Released December 2021

  • Bluehill Central’s first Production release version. Traceability and Lab Management modules are available for centralized, remote management of Bluehill Universal users, test templates, file revision approvals, and audit trail data from multiple Instron systems. All Instron systems with the Traceability and Lab Management plug-in for Bluehill Universal automatically send and receive files and settings managed by Bluehill Central.