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Simplify your Fracture Testing, Analysis and Reporting

Bluehill Fracture is a dedicated fracture mechanics software from Instron. Machine control, data analysis and reporting are performed for metals fracture toughness measurement to key international standards.

As a leading supplier of testing equipment for crack propagation and fracture toughness, Instron are aware of the challenges users face in reducing both the complexity and time taken to produce accurate, repeatable results. The Bluehill Fracture software package addresses these challenges.

Customizable test flows guide the user through the steps needed to produce their final results, saving time by minimizing data entry at each step.

Comprehensive on-screen user guidance along with automatic post-test analysis and reporting tools also reduce the skills and training required. Additionally, the layout, terminology and test progression is common to other Instron software packages, such as Bluehill Universal.

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Bluehill Fracture Screen

Spend less time setting up tests

Whether you are testing using a predefined method or customizing your own, Bluehill Fracture comes with the tools to create the method you need.


Method Definition
Bluehill Fracture's unique test workflow definition breaks the test into a logical series of steps, enabling the test designer to control the process of data entry before, during and after the test.

A reduction in entering the same data for each test saves time and minimizes data entry errors. Parameters for each stage can either be pre-populated prior to the test, imported automatically from a LIMS system or entered manually every time a test is run.

  • Customizable Work Flow
    Work flow can be clear and simple or fully detailed depending on your need. Guidance notes can be added to aid operators throughout the test.
  • Intuitive Interface
    The modern user interface is both intuitive and clear allowing for reduced training and simplified instructions.
  • Save Time
    Methods steps can be tailored to suit the test type and operator, saving time and reducing errors.
Bluehill Fracture CT Specimen in Grips

Produce results faster

Although Bluehill Fracture is simple to use, there are still many advanced features for analysis and report generation.



Run and Analyse Tests
Performing and analyzing Fracture Toughness tests has never been simpler than with Bluehill Fracture.

Select a test method to run, from a pre-defined list or your own customized method, and Bluehill Fracture will step you through the pre-test data entry you define, then when ready, the software will perform pre-cracking (if required) and finally onto the main fracture test.

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Run a Test

Pre-configured material properties and pre-cracking targets reduce user input and increase throughput.

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Post-test Analysis

The software guides operators through data input, graph plotting and results calculation.

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Report Generation

The report and export function within Bluehill Fracture completely automates the process of generating a summary report.

Control user access and check results

Validity checks confirm your tests are within predefined parameters whilst the security settings allow advanced users to protect areas of the method containing critical settings.



The report and export function within Bluehill Fracture completely automates the process of generating a summary report. This reduces complexity, time and errors by avoiding additional data export and manipulation at the post test reporting stage.

Whether you need a summary in text output format or a fully customized PDF report in your organization’s format, Bluehill Fracture has the features to achieve this at the click of mouse button.

  • Automatic validity Checks
    Bluehill Fracture provides both a summary check and detailed breakdown of values and reference clauses for auditability. Validity checks are itemized and include achieved values and allowable limits.
  • User Access
    Account settings control who in the laboratory can change and update test methods.
  • Stay Up to Date
    By utilizing a separate standards library keeping abreast of the latest revisions is a simple upgrade.

Fracture CT Specimen

In addition to more common tests, measurement and analysis is provided for standardized methods using direct current potential drop (DCPD) for crack length measurement.

Bluehill Fracture Specimen DCPD

Test control and method set up are similar to mechanical compliance-based methods and raw data is stored in the same way. Signal noise depends greatly on the preamplification and conditioning of the DCPD system, so an additional averaging feature is available to stabilize readings during crack growth.

For fracture toughness determination, corrected displacement is calculated from user-specified frame compliance coefficients stored within the method, so that correct analyses can be used for different load strings. Manual and automated methods of V0 determination are provided, with a configurable interval for generation of J-da plot.

  • Accepts X or X/Y from any conditioning system as scaled 0-10V transducer input
  • Live calculation of crack length for pre-cracking and fatigue crack growth experiments
  • Automatic setting of reference voltage during test
  • User-defined voltage - crack length relationships
  • Post-test analysis for JIc according to E1820 annex 18


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Various functions are available to support integration with laboratory data management systems (e.g. LIMS), such as the option to import automatically generated inputs of specimen geometry and material properties.

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Supported Features

Bluehill Fracture modules support all common test standards (ASTM, ISO and BS) for crack propagation, ductile and brittle fracture, crack length measurements and specimen geometries. Users can test to predefined standards (e.g. ASTM E647, ASTM E399, ASTM E1820, ISO 12135).

For the latest Bluehill Fracture standard compatibility:

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Bluehill Fracture is available with new ElectroPuls® and Servohydraulic systems, as well as any existing dynamic testing system with an 8800 or 8800MT controller running Windows 7 or 10.

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