RS LabSite® modulogic

RS LabSite® modulogic is a comprehensive and adaptable software suite conceived for introducing service loads into individual components or complete vehicles, or performing calculations within the framework of Virtual Prototyping (standardized loadsequences, virtual generation of load data). This enables you to stay in full control of all tasks that follow the acquisition of measurement data in the proving ground.

In addition RS LabSite® modulogic provides open and closed loop control functions for your durability tests, collects data and monitors the entire process. Extensive reporting functions with graphical presentation of results – programmable to suit your requirements – round off the package.

The software is modular and consists of four components. The basic module, RS BasTest RT, provides all necessary tools for digital pre-processing of durability tests. Depending on requirements, the extension modules RS Analysis, RS TWR and RS Monitoring, can be used for single- and multi-axial service load simulations, specific analysis procedures or multistage reporting functions. The software runs under the Windows© operating system.

RS LabSite® modulogic is an integrated and modular solution for analysis of test rig data and test execution:

  • More efficient testing process owing to a user friendly and process-oriented workflow
  • Reduced cost of testing as a result of shorter testing times
  • Reduction of the risk of product recall by representative test results


Item Name Cat #
RS Analysis RS Analysis
RS BasTest RT RS BasTest RT
RS MePar ml RS MePar ml
RS Monitoring RS Monitoring