Online monitoring of specimen testing, or quick and easy analysis of measurement values are nowadays no longer convenience features: Fierce competition and the necessity to reduce "Time-to-Market" are entailing a need for ever increasing efficiency. RS Monitoring is a powerful tool that will bring you a significant step closer to this objective. For example, the module enables calculation and monitoring of statistical and physical variables even while the test is in progress, and logs overall damage through rainflow counting. This will enable you to detect changes in the behavior of your test specimen at an early stage, and respond appropriately. This module from the RS LabSite® modulogic Software Suite combines a wealth of extremely useful calculation functions. Make use of the following advantages:


  • High performance on line test monitoring
  • Maximum flexibility for a variety of different evaluation tasks
  • Licensing model to suit your laboratory requirements

RS Monitoring Benefits

  • Calculation of statistical data such as maximum, minimum, amplitude or standard deviation
  • Calculation of online rainflow matrices from measured values, presentation as a 2- or 3-dimensional histogram
  • Conversion of matrices into range pair, peak counting or level crossing distributions for better comparison
  • Calculation of physical parameters such as amplitudes, spring rates, energy loss or phase shift from measured hysteresis loops
  • Monitoring and display of partial damage for individual steps
  • Online comparison of command/feedback values of signals in the time and frequency domains
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