2820-041 | Bend Fixture Lower Beam for Wood and Fiberboard

Capacity: 50 kN (5,000 Kgf, 11,250 lbf).

Maximum Span: 800 mm (31.5 in)

Temperature Range: Ambient only

Lower fitting: 4 x M10 ( on 90 mm x 280 mm spacing)


  • Graduated scale for ease of anvil span setting
  • High strength steel construction
  • Compatible with full range of optional anvils, four point upper beams and deflectometer

Requires optional anvil set(s)


JIS A5905, JIS A5906, JIS A5908, JAS 112, JAS 601,BS 373, BS 5669, EN 310, EN 789, ISO 3133,ASTM D 1037 and ASTM D 143 testing standards with suitable optional anvil sets/four-point upper beams/deflectometer