Active controlled pitch simulation

The active controlled pitch simulation load unit offers a significant advantage through more realistic crash simulations and better reproduction of the dummy injury criteria. In a frontal impact, the deceleration and deformation of the vehicle body is almost always accompanied by a movement in the vertical plane. In most cases, this movement is a combination of a rotation around a point in the space in front of the vehicle with an additional vertical movement.

Pitching in crash events directly influences the acceleration and the movement path of the occupant during an impact. These movements together with the strong frontal deceleration during the impact determine the severity of the injury in interaction with the seatbelt and airbag. One focus of security system development is the management of the Head Injury Criteria (HIC) value. Earlier analyzes have shown up to 40% difference between the HIC values of sled tests with and without the possibility of pitch motion simulation. Further influences are found for neck accelerations and belt forces.

The Instron CSA systems with active pitch simulation are currently successfully used by 14 customers.

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