Side and Pole Impact Simulation

Side crashes are the second most common type of accident. They cause the highest number of critical injuries relative to the accident rate. One reason for this is the spatial proximity of the occupant to the deformation zone. There are different test standards for the side impact. These are the side crash according to ECE-R95 (European standard) and FMVSS-214 (US standard) as well as the tests given in the consumer protection programs. In addition to the actual side impact test, there is also a Pole Side Impact test according to Euro NCAP. 

Side-crash simulations on sled systems are carried out for the development of safety restraint systems. These tests begin in an early phase of the development of the whole vehicle. However, prototype parts are not always available at this time and the price of these parts is very high. For the non-destructive sled test, substantially fewer parts are needed than in a destructive test procedure. For example, a seat can be used multiple times, and the door structure with the door trim can last a whole series of tests. Since many of the test components can be re-used, a new test can be set-up in a short time. In addition to the standard side impact simulation unit, Instron can also offer additional sled options for intrusion simulation.  

Instron have also successfully integrated proven structures from external partners for intrusion simulation

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