3117-200 | 1000°C Three-Zone Split Furnace for Low Cycle Fatigue Testing


  • 90mm bore diameter, 358mm overall height (furnace only)
  • Three-zone split furnace configuration with durable embedded heating elements
  • 1000 °C (1832 °F) nominal maximum specimen temperature (dependent on load string configuration)
  • 300 - 600 °C (572 - 1112 °F) nominal minimum specimen temperature (dependent on load string configuration and test conditions)
  • High efficiency insulation (refractory ceramic fibre free)
  • Extensometer cut-out, full width, 76 mm high
  • Extensometer slot 40 mm high x 15 mm wide
  • Nominal power rating 3kW

Includes side port insulation plug for blanking extensometer slot.

Requires temperature controller with thermocouples, support brackets, and top/bottom insulating port plugs (not included)

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