Transverse Clip-on Extensometers

W-E404 Series Transverse Extensometers are designed for measuring transverse displacements. They are self-supporting on the test specimen and will work on any width or diameter specimen from 0 to 25 mm (1 in).

W-E404-A/C/E/F types are commonly used for the measurement of Poisson’s ratio and transverse strain on anisotropic materials such as composites. They are frequently used simultaneously with axial extensometers. These units easily clip on to the specimen and are held in place with an integral spring. The rounded contact edges help maintain the position on the specimen.

A special averaging version (2640-010) is available for determining "r" value of sheet metals (NOT suitable for Poisson's Ratio).

Principle Of Operation

The specimen displacement is measured at a single point using a high-accuracy, dual flexure strain-gauge sensor designed for strength and improved performance.

The special version for 'r' value measures the specimen displacement at two points using two individual high-accuracy, dual-flexure strain-gauge sensors. The output of each sensor is merged to produce a single averaged output.

The design makes these units very durable and they may be left on the specimen through specimen failure.

The extensometers are easy to mount and feature integral springs that hold the unit on the test specimen. An adjustable specimen contact bar below the knife edges provides good mechanical stability for the extensometer body.

Application Range

  • Static use only 
  • Suitable for transverse strain measurement on metals, rigid thermoplastics, thermosetting polymers and composites 
  • Suitable for round, rectangular or other regular shaped specimens 
  • Special version for "r" value determination on sheet metals