Hydraulic Wedge Action Grips

Hydraulic wedge action grips feature an open front design, which facilitates easy loading of large specimens. This series can accommodate round specimens up to 90 mm (3.54 in) in diameter and flat specimens up to 90 mm (3.54 in) thick with capacities ranging from 300kN (67,500 lbf) to 2000kN (450,000 lbf).

Specially suited for industrial environments where dust and metal chips may be present, these grips have protective dust covers that fit easily over the faces to shield the moving surfaces. Optional adapter plates furnish an efficient method for mounting secondary load strings for lower capacity testing or other fixturing without removing the larger grip. 

Principle Of Operation

These grips are hydraulically operated via a manually rotated knob on the front of the grip. The grip body does not move during closing or opening. Hydraulic supply is typically from the main machine frame via a grip sub-manifold. Jaws are separable inserts held in a jaw carrier which are easy to install with no need to re-grease when changing jaw faces. Grip bodies have grease fittings to allow easy re-greasing of the carrier when needed. W-5380 and W-5390 feature magnetic seating.

Application Range

  • Type of loading: tension, *Not suitable for through-zero/ reverse stress or fatigue testing 
  • Specimen material: metals 
  • Specimen shapes: flat, round