W-5320 | Hydraulic Wedge Action Grips, 2000 kN

Capacity 2000kN (450,000 lbf, 200,000 kgf)

Specimen ranges:

  • Flats: 0- 90 mm (0-3.54 in) thick x 125 mm (5.0 in) wide
  • Rounds: 6 - 90 mm (0.24 - 3.54 in) diameter

Grips are supplied with:

  • Controls for: clamp, un-clamp, and neutral
  • Hydraulic manifold with clamp speed and clamp pressure adjustment
  • Hydraulic hose set for connection from manifold to grips

Grips interfaced to the machine’s hydraulic power supply when ordered with a new hydraulic UTM. (Consult factory for interfacing of grips to an existing machine or for systems where an independent hydraulic power supply is required)

Efective grip heights:

Upper grip: 715 mm (28.125 in.)

Lower Grip: 770 mm (30.3125 in.)

  • Nominal Weight per Grip Body: 1250 kgs (2755 lbs)
  • Grip jaw faces sold separately. See W-5322 and W-5323 series of jaw faces.
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