Collet Style

Two standard sets of Collet Style grips are available: a small collet grip set for smaller specimens and a large collet grip set for larger specimens. Both sets are double angle style.

Principle Of Operation

The Collet Style grips are threaded into or bolted to the output shaft and/or torque cell of MT series frames.

The collet grips use a split collet design that, when manually tightened, provides nearly uniform clamping pressure on the specimen. Collet Style grips accept a smaller range of specimen diameters than chuck style grips (W-MT01 Series) but can withstand higher torsional forces. Both small and large collet grip assemblies are available for gripping a range of specimens. Adapters are included to attach collet grips to the MT series frames.

Application Range

  • Types of Loading: torsion 
  • Specimen Material: various 
  • Specimen Types: round