Socket Style

These socket style adapters allow the connection of any 0.5 inch drive socket or accessory directly to the torque cell and/or output shaft on the MT series frames. Smaller drive sockets can be connected through the use of reducing adapters.

English and Metric sockets sets are available in a large range of sizes that allow the testing of fasteners or finished products that have a hex type connection. These adapters are useful for testing the running torque of locking and non-locking fasteners, proof testing of fasteners with torsional loading, or checking the torsional resistance of ratchet, torque wrench, or other type of tool.

Principle Of Operation

The Socket Style grip adapters are threaded into or bolted to the output shaft and/or torque cell on the MT series frames. A jam nut is used to fix the threaded adapter in place and maintain it tight for bi-directional testing.

The socket is then pressed onto the adapter and is retained by a spring loaded ball just like any commercial ratchet. Two sockets can be used for testing bolt and nut specimens, or just one socket can be used to tighten or loosen fasteners in parts that must be held in a custom fixture.

Application Range

  • Types of Loading: torsion Specimen
  • Material: various 
  • Specimen Types: round, finished products