2527 Series Dynacell

2527 Series Dynacell


During tests carried out on servohydraulic machines, elements of the system are subject to acceleration. As a result, in addition to the force applied to the specimen, the load cell also reads forces resulting from its own movement and the mass of the grips and fixtures attached to it. 

Dynacell is the world's first truly dynamic load cell, designed from the outset for measuring dynamic loads. Dynacell introduces the following advantages: 

  • Reduces dynamic load errors which can be a significant percentage of reading
  • Increases productivity by allowing higher frequency operation while maintaining test validity 
  • Improvements such as doubling the frequency are common

Dynacell utilises an accelerometer right at the heart of the load cell, directly on the load axis. This removes the risk of errors in the acceleration reading resulting from off-center loading. 

This has the following advantages: 

  • The accelerometer is on the load line eliminating both amplitude and phase errors 
  • Automatic set-up takes less than one minute 
  • Set-up is consistent and reliable between operators 
The conditioning of the acceleration signal from the Dynacell is handled as standard in the FastTrack 8800 electronics, and is set-up automatically when the system is autotuned. This means that time is saved and operator errors reduced. 

For users who wish to do this themselves, they have the option to switch this feature on or off and set the correction factor manually. The resulting signal is then subtracted from the load cell signal to produce the true force on the specimen.

Application Range
  • All Instron 2527 Series Dynacell dynamic load cells, when used with FastTrack 8800 Series, will meet the requirements of ISO 75001/1 Class 0.5, ASTM E4, EN10002 Part 2, JIS (B7721, B7733) and ISO 10002 Part 2.
Item Name Cat #
Dynacell - Dynamic Load Cell ±250 N (±56 lbf) 2527-131
Dynacell - Dynamic Load Cell ± 2000 N (± 450 lbf) 2527-129
Dynacell - Dynamic Load Cell ± 5000 N (± 1125 lbf) 2527-153
Dynacell - Dynamic Load Cell ±1 kN (±225 lbf) 2527-130
Dynacell - Dynamic Load Cell ±10 kN (±2250 lbf) 2527-102
Dynacell, Dynamic Load Cell; +/-25 kN (5620 lbf) 2527-101
Dynacell, Dynamic Load Cell; +/- 50 kN (11250 lbf) 2527-100
Dynacell, Dynamic Load Cell; +/-100 kN. (22500 lbf) 2527-111
Dynacell, Dynamic Load Cell; +/- 250 kN (56250 lbf) 2527-115
Dynacell, Dynamic Load Cell; +/- 500kN (110 kips) 2527-125
Dynacell, Dynamic Load Cell; +/- 1MN (220 kips) 2527-120
Dynacell, Dynamic Load Cell +/-2.5MN (550 kips) 2527-140