The “HyperG” name comes from the original design of gas powered, brake controlled crash simulation systems. The “Plus” represents the Instron developed new generation of these systems with significantly upgraded performance and safety levels.

“Plus" stands for:

  • Superior quality "Made in Germany"
  • Maximum shot frequency through patented "Fast Charge System"
  • Improved user interface and simplified operation
  • Lower environmental impact with significantly reduced energy consumption
  • Maximum availability and reduced cost of maintenance

The Crash Simulation System Type HyperGplus is characterized by the following technical innovations:

  • The new and proven quick-charging system significantly increases the system availability and the number of daily tests. The maximum time between two tests can thereby be reduced to approx. 25 min. For special application which require only lower forces (for example Whiplash), this time can be further reduced. Other positive benefits are the reduction of maintenance intervals and the considerable reduction in the required energy and gas costs.
  • The new system foundation design. This ensures optimal decoupling between the foundation and the building in a tried and tested manner.
  • Same standard rail and sled system for HyperGplus and CSA. This ensures that many of the leading CSA rail and sled options are also available on the HyperGplus product line
  • The new operator software with improved algorithm and user interface ensures optimal simulation results with only a few iterations steps whilst providing 
    simplified intuitive operation of the system
  • A new locking mechanism for the ram provides increased laboratory safety during test setup and operation.
  • The new "Soft Stop" function provides for an improved deceleration of the ram. This results reduced brake pad wear and reduced running costs.

The HyperGplus is available with 2 different power ranges. The corresponding performance data can be found in the following table:

Performance Data HyperGplus220 HyperGplus330
Nominal Dynamic Force 2000kN 3000kN
Sled Dimensions (mm) 4100 x 1900 4100 x 1900
Sled weight 940 kg 940 kg
Max. Payload on Sled 3000kg 5000kg
Max. Acceleration 70g 100g
Max. Velocity 90 km/h 90 km/h
Working Stroke 1,7m 1,7m
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