Testing miniaturized specimen with direct resistance heating

Instron Electro-Thermal Mechanical Testing System (ETMT) is a compact table-top testing system that is developed to perform accelerating high-temperature research. The system is capable of achieving fatigue loading rates up to 1000 N/s with heating and cooling rates of 200°C/s and 100°C/s respectively. The system is designed for full reverse stress loading to 3000 N and is supplied with a direct resistance heating system capable of delivering specimen temperatures of up to 1500°C.


  • Dynamic loading up to 3 kN (0.7 kip)
  • Nominal grip separation is set at either 16 mm (0.6 in) or 40 mm (1.6 in), with an actuator stroke of ±5 mm (0.2 in)
  • Heating and cooling rates of 200°C/s and 100°C/s respectively
  • Direct resistance heating via direct current through specimen capable of reaching temperatures of up to 1500°C, providing a parabolic temperature profile
  • Temperature control with R, S or K-type thermocouple attached to the center of the specimen
  • Low integrity enclosure for simple gas purging
  • Optional configuration of a high integrity enclosure for operation under air, vacuum or back-filled gas purge, with a facility for inert gas built-in
  • Optional turbo molecular pump for added performance in creating a vacuum
  • Measurement of mechanical properties, physical properties, and microstructural stability under thermal exposure of specimens with cross-sections down to 2 mm by 1 mm
  • High precision twin LVDT strain measurement system
  • Mechanical alignment fixture AlignPRO is supplied to provide better system alignment
  • Accommodates both round and flat specimens with the same fixture, with the option of steel or brass fixture for different thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Horizontal mounting option
  • 19'' rack-mounted control unit for a packaged solution
  • Compatible with standard Instron software including Console, WaveMatrix3, Bluehill® Universal and TMF

Controller and Software

Instron ETMT testing system is supplied with a FastTrack 8800MT digital controller, which is capable of running static and high-frequency dynamic tests. The 8800MT controller is integrated into the ETMT system features SCM modules for control of the axial loading axis and the DC direct resistance heating system, and provides support to Instron software such as Console, Bluehill Universal and WaveMatrix3.

Modification for Miniaturized Testing

Instron ETMT system is designed to test miniaturized specimens, and components are specifically designed to ensure that the system is future-proof and the tests are customizable, based on your applications and testing needs.

  • Fixture insert that accommodates flat or round specimens.
  • Range of small gauge length extensometers and DIC camera for strain measurement
  • 3 kN load capacity E3000 ElectroPuls®

Atmosphere Enclosure

Instron ETMT system offers a low integrity enclosure for simple gas purging or a high integrity enclosure which allows vacuum evacuation with subsequent gas back-filling, opening opportunities to testing under vacuum or back-filled gas purge with facility for inert gas supply built in.

  • Low integrity Perspex enclosure for simple gas purging
  • High integrity enclosure allows the ETMT to operate under vacuum or back-filled gas purge
  • Optional turbo molecular pump for better performance

Tried and Tested Instron Software

Instron ETMT system offers an integrated 19” controller that makes the system compatible with all standard Instron software, providing the same and consistent user experience to operators and no extra training will be needed to utilize this software.

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