Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF) testing is a growing area of materials testing, driven in particular by increasing demand from the aerospace, automotive and power generation industries. ISO 12016 and ASTM E606 specify the standard practice for strain controlled fatigue testing, used for simulating mechanical loading into the plastic region. This testing is typically carried out at very high temperatures to replicate the service conditions experienced by turbine blades in both gas turbines and jet engines.

Whilst the load string and heating technology are a crucial part of any LCF testing system, Instron also has two fundamentally different actuator technologies for you to consider. Most fatigue testing systems are hydraulically powered and deliver the high dynamic performance required to reduce the time taken to complete lengthy high cycle fatigue tests. In the case of LCF, testing is typically run at very slow speeds and precision strain control is more important that running at high frequencies. As well as offering a traditional hydraulic technology for LCF, Instron offers a unique servo-electric actuator which is ideally suited to the challenges of LCF. Choosing Instron’s servo-electric technology will reduce the infrastructure requirements of your new machine and minimize your running costs. Whichever solution is best suited to your needs, Instron will supply a load frame with high lateral and axial stiffness and a precision alignment fixture to meet the demands of your LCF testing.

Instron acknowledge that the demands of LCF testing are very different to that of a ‘general purpose’ test machine and we design our software tools accordingly. Specialist LCF3 software makes it easy to carry out complex tests and get the results you need first time, every time; with automated calculations, real time data views and powerful post-processing built in.


  • High capacity loading frame maximizes lateral and axial stiffness during reverse stress testing.
  • Optional backlash free, all-electric actuator delivers precise slow speed control with virtually silent operation and no hydraulic infrastructure requirements.
  • AlignPRO alignment fixture and supporting software are provided as standard to ensure precision loadstring alignment.
  • Three zone furnace with cascade control of specimen temperature with optimized temperature gradient.
  • Dedicated LCF3 software suite provides streamlined test setup and analysis of hysteresis loops, plastic strain measurement and common LCF calculations.
  • All Instron LCF systems are fully integrated and are supplied ready to test, meeting all appropriate international standards.


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