The Instron® capillary rheometer systems of the CEAST SmartRHEO Series are specifically designed for R&D, and for advanced quality control of thermoplastic materials, as they accurately determine the rheological properties of polymer samples over a wide range of shear rates and testing conditions.The CEAST SmartRHEO Series is a popular product line for capillary rheometry, they meet the market demand for compact, stiff, reliable and technical advanced instruments for the testing field.

The capillary rheometer systems are available in either Single or Twin Bore barrel configurations. The Twin Bore configuration allows two simultaneous and independent rheological tests with direct comparison of the behavior of two different samples or two lots of the same material. With a wide range of available accessories, the testing capabilities are expanded to include the determination of fundamental properties like Melt Strength, Die Swell, and PVT behavior, allowing to simulate processes such as injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, and film blowing.

Main Features

  • Rigid "H" frame for high strength and stiffness
  • Brushless servomotor for accurate piston movement
  • Accurate barrel temperature control with 3 heating zones and multiple PT100 sensors, ensuring minimum delay in reaching the test temperature and rapid recovery after sample loading
  • Twin Bore barrel configuration allows two simultaneous and independent rheological tests, increasing time saving
  • Crosshead with independent load cell on each piston provides superior accuracy, increasing the repeatibility and reability of test results
  • Two interchangable and indepenent barrel-mounted pressure transducers allowing accurate data acquisition
  • Test data are collected, managed, and elaborated by a dedicated software. Additional modules provide deeper rheological data analysis.
  • Wide selection of optional devices and capillary dies are ideal for multiple testing applications within a single machine 

Range of Models


  • Maximum force range of 20 kN
  • Higher capacity for wider characterization
  • Single or twin bore barrel configurations


  • Maximum force range of 50 kN
  • Specially reinforced frame
  • Twin bore barrel
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