Melt Flow Index Tester: MFi7

The MFi7 is a melt flow index tester for a growing volume of Procedure A, Procedure B and Procedure C tests. Designed to increase production speed, it offers high level of accuracy and shorter cycle times overcoming manually powered limits thanks to fatigue-free motorized cleaning and automatic material compacting and purging.

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Melt Flow Series MFi7 Lifter

MFi7 Lifter

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Melt Flow Series MFi7 Manual Mass Selector

MFi7 Manual Mass Selector

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Friendly User Interface

User-Friendly Interface
The built-in touchscreen interface, easy to use with big buttons, guide users through the entire testing process with step-by-step instructions, ensuring tests remain simple, repeatable and error-free

Piston Travel Transducer

High Performance Piston Travel Transducer
Used to calculate the extrusion rate in cubic centimeters per 10 min (MVR), it automatically measures the distance and time for the piston movement

Effective management of High flow Materials

Effective Management of High Flow Materials
The die plug system effectively blocks the die exit and prevents drool of molten material while the authomatic opening allows rapid removal prior to initiation of the test

Effective Automatic Cutter for Procedure A

Effective Automatic Cutter
Get accurate results when performing method A tests with our motorized cutter. Cutting time repeatability is within 0.01 s

Test Masses

Test Masses
Apply single masses or use the manual mass selector to avoid any mass handling and selection errors

Manage Multiple Testers

Manage Multiple Testers
With Bluehill Melt software, Lab Manager can easily create and distribute Methods towards several different Instron Melt Flow Testers

Safety Shield

Safety Shield
Prevent accidental access to the machine test areas avoiding hazards in multi-access laboratories

Automatic material compacting and purging diagram

Automatic Material Compacting and Purging
An integrated load cell used for controlled material compacting and for quick and effortless purging of the material left in the barrel after measurements

Melt Flow Index Tester MFi7 with Safety Shield

The MFi Series has been thought to guarantee high safety levels. Nevertheless, some field of application may require additional measures to comply with stricter regulations. For this reason, we have equipped our MFi7 with a safety shield that covers the whole test masses area. Thanks to the interlock sensor, whenever the operator opens the shield during masses movement/displacement the operation automatically stops.