In your highly efficient laboratory, you are faced with the challenges of material and structural durability testing every day. You want to use your testing technology efficiently and flexibly while minimizing set-up times? Your customers demand a high degree of flexibility including the ability to integrate external data sources and vehicle control systems? Your operators need the possibility to work in a quiet and safe environment? All of this whilst minimizing the running costs and protecting your capital investments over the long term?


Together with recognized experts from the automotive industry, we have developed the Labtronic 8800ml. With its modular design and comprehensive software solutions, it is the ideal electronics for system and component level testing. Its distributed processor architecture provides a clock rate of 10 kHz and guarantees precise results even in the case of highly dynamic tests, irrespective of the number of test channels. The possibility to connect several PCs in various locations allows you to design your lab around your operator’s needs.

Our patented CAN-Bus interface allows the synchronous integration of vehicle control signals and systems to active test specimens so ensuring the integrity of all test parameters. The EtherCAT interface offers a higher bandwidth connection to external devices. With the implemented "distributed clock" technology many EtherCAT devices can now be integrated and synchronized with the test controller. The modular software offers you a wide range of options, which can be enabled by a single license file.

Your investment security is important to us which is why we only use industrial components in our controller design. This means we have a stable robust platform on which to base our software development programs. Through software maintenance contracts, we can guarantee our 8800ml customers will always benefit from the latest versions and functionality over a 10+ year period.

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