New technologies and the continuous further development of vehicles require constant monitoring of the quality of the components used. In this case, it is necessary to carry out a more targeted inspection of the structural components to obtain a statement about the life expectancy of axle components in as early a development stage as possible. As a condition for production release, a life-time verification has to be made for components and assemblies.

With the Instron Axle Test System we are taking the road to the lab. The Instron Axle Test System reproduces

  • stresses experienced by the axle when in use,
  • drive torque and braking torque introduced to the axle,
  • steering displacement and torque
  • Optionally, corrosive and environmental effects.


Axle test rigs are used to reproduce in a laboratory test the different loads applied to the axle elements when the vehicle is traveling over a variety of road surfaces. The test rig is capable of introducing into the axle longitudinal forces and side forces encountered during cornering maneuvers, vertical loads resulting from rough road surfaces, as well as braking, steering and camber moments. Instron can provide models for testing of car, van, truck and bus axles with 6 DOF (Degree of Freedom).

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