Ride comfort and safety are amongst the most important criteria when it comes to selecting a car. High speeds causes highest demands on modern vibration damper systems. Electronically controlled damper systems and shock absorbers are used in modern axle designs are exposed to extreme loads and they have to be capable of adapting their damping properties to varying driving conditions within milliseconds. Depending on the design criteria and vehicle type concerned, shock absorbers may have entirely different characteristics.


Instron has been developing servohydraulic shock absorber testing systems for around 30 years. MSP test machines are based on this wealth of experience. They are conceived to analyse and assess accurately and reliably the material properties and characteristic parameters of single-tube and twin-tube shock absorbers, driver's cab dampers, seat and steering dampers and metallic impact absorbers.
User-friendly application software running under Windows enables input of all relevant parameters, customizing of analysis procedures and storage of test procedures and measurement data. The MSP test system is therefore the ideal tool for reliable, fast and realistic tuning of vehicle chassis designs and development of shock absorber systems.

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