The Instron® Curved Needle Testing System is ideally suited for testing needles used in wound closure or surgical procedures. This system provides a platform for two different needle testing solutions: one for curved needle puncture testing to ASTM F3014 and the other for cantilever bend testing. The curved needle puncture testing fixture is used to evaluate needle sharpness and coating durability, while the needle bend testing fixture is used to evaluate flexural properties of the needle during use. With its tabletop design, the Curved Needle Testing System has a small footprint and takes up minimal bench-top space. The testing system operates with Bluehill® Universal software that provides test control, data acquisition, test results, and reports, as well as a large library of calculations.


  • Maximum Angular Displacement:  140°
  • Angular Displacement Resolution:  0.015°
  • Minimum Angular Velocity:  0.06 °/sec
  • Maximum Angular Velocity:  100 °/sec
  • Needle Size:  R2.44 – R32.3 (radius)
  • Needle Gauge: 0.44 – 1.13 mm
  • Electrical Requirements:  Single Phase, 47/63 Hz, 120 or 220 VAC
  • Operating Temperature:  +10 to 38°C or +50 to 150°F
  • Software: Bluehill Universal

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