Global growth within the construction industry is anticipated over the next decade—bridges, roadways, hotels, stadiums—all requiring reinforcement bar (rebar). Rebar manufacturers and suppliers are facing challenges due to increased production volumes, the need for higher strength and larger diameter rebar, an increased requirement for stainless and coated grades, and more construction applications that require mechanical couplers.  

Thomas Wodcke, Product Engineer and Applications Specialist for Instron's Industrial Products Group, talked with about these industry demands. Thomas is a technical expert, determining fitting solutions for challenging customer testing applications. Thomas Wodcke AZoM 
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Jeff Shaffer, Instron Product Manager & Application Specialist for the Industrial Products Group, presented a webinar on this topic to discuss rebar testing challenges as a result from construction growth expectations. Jeff covered testing requirements related to product and testing standards including ASTM A370, A615, A706, A955, A1034; ISO 6935-2, 15630-1, 15835-1, 15835-2; and AC 133, CTM 670 as well as ways to improve testing efficiency and throughput while enhancing operator safety.

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To demonstrate one solution, Instron’s Industrial Series 3500KPX Model is ideal for testing large diameter rebar to international standards. In this video, a tensile test is performed on #18 rebar (2.257 inch diameter/57.328 mm) using the AutoX750 Automatic Contacting Extensometer for measuring strain to ISO 6892-1, ASTM E8, and ASTM A370:

Rebar #18 Video 

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Originally posted on June 12, 2015 , Updated On August 28, 2023