Repair Services and Parts

Providing Support When You Need It

When systems are unavailable costs may rise, productivity can drop, and your customer commitments can be put at risk.

We recommend preventative maintenance services to minimize down time and costs. When repair is necessary our experienced global repair services team, backed by dedicated replacement part inventories, stands ready to quickly and efficiently restore operation of your testing system.

We will support your system for as long as it is technically and economically feasible. When appropriate, we can recommend and install upgrades to extend the useful life of your testing equipment, significantly lower repair costs, and add new functionality to maximize return on your investment.

On-Site Repair

Our trained field service engineers are available to travel to your facility to repair your testing system. These services can be purchased as part of a Comprehensive Service Agreement to minimize costs.

Preparation and planning are critical to minimizing the downtime of your equipment. We make every effort to ensure that an onsite repair is quick and effective. Prior to an onsite repair visit we will:

  • Notify you of the upcoming visit and confirm the purpose of our visit
  • Obtain any necessary pre-approvals that your company requires to gain entry to your site
  • Ensure that our records of your equipment are correct
  • Ask you about any changes that may have taken place recently or since the last service visit

Factory Repair and Refurbishment

If your testing system or accessories cannot be repaired at your site, we can perform repair in one of our factories. Our dedicated factory repair team of engineers and technicians have years of experience with your equipment, and are familiar with all aspects of your testing system including the assembly and repair of transducers, electrical components, circuit boards, hydraulic actuators, and more. Our technicians have access to the tooling, lifting devices, and factory expertise necessary to repair and test the equipment's performance. When repair is conducted at one of our factories repaired products are tested to original factory specifications.

Replacement Parts

We stock a wide range of parts to expedite the repair of your system. We offer new and also factory refurbished components that have been reworked and tested to guarantee functionality within factory specifications. We also hold a range of refurbished transducers (load cells and extensometers) for rapid exchange replacement for our contract customers.

Calibration and IQOQ

After repairs are completed, it is important to re-qualify your system if software was upgraded or electronics associated with your data signal have changed. Our services engineering team can provide validation and documentation services to support Calibration and IQOQ processes designed to ensure that your Instron equipment is suitable for its intended purposes and is capable of producing valid results (per 21 CFR 820.72).