We offer a range of classroom training courses, which teach and demonstrate proper testing techniques. Students will gain an understanding of their Instron® system’s capabilities, including test method development, safe system operation, validation of test results, and report generation.

Training Courses are available at our Training Centre in High Wycombe or at customer sites across the United Kingdom.

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Classroom Training Course Overview

Our classroom training courses are spread over 5 days. Each day is a different training course, including different modules and objectives. You can choose the days that you would like to attend.

Day 1: Introduction to Materials Testing: StaticCourse outline
Section 1: Who Tests and Why
Section 2: The Testing System
Section 3: Quantifying Results
Section 4: Material Properties and Results

Day 2: Introduction to Test Method DevelopmentCourse outline
Section 1: Safety Best Practices and Running Your First Test
Section 2: Inputs and Test Controls
Section 3: The Console and Workspace
Section 4: The Results Table and Graphs
Section 5: The Admin Tab and Security
Section 6: Exports and Report Tab
Section 7: Workflow and Choice Inputs

Day 3: Advanced Test Method DevelopmentCourse outline
Section 1: The Expression Builder and Test Controls
Section 2: Calculation Domains
Section 3: Virtual Measurements and Conditional Calcs
Section 4: Transducer Configuration
Section 5: Getting Help and Instron Connect
Section 6: TestProfiler Introduction

Day 4: TestProfiler Method DevelopmentCourse outline
Section 1: TestProfiler Basics
Section 2: Advanced Method Development 1 Continued

Day 5: Secrets of Reliable TestingCourse outline
Section 1: Measurement Error
Section 2: Operator Mistakes
Section 3: Safety Awareness
Section 4: From Standard to Test Method
Section 5: Test System Set-Up
Section 6: Environmental Considerations

Classroom Training Dates
Course Name Date Days Location
Introduction to Materials Testing Monday 16 October, 2023 1 High Wycombe, UK
Monday 22 January, 2024
Monday 20 May, 2024
Monday 30 September, 2024
Bluehill Universal Introduction to Test Method Development Tuesday 17 October, 2023 1 High Wycombe, UK
Tuesday 23 January, 2024
Tuesday 21 May, 2024
Tuesday 01 October, 2024
Bluehill Universal Advanced Test Method Development Wednesday 18 October, 2023 1 High Wycombe, UK
Wednesday 24 January, 2024
Wednesday 22 May, 2024
Wednesday 02 October, 2024
Bluehill Universal TestProfiler Method Development Thursday 19 October, 2023 1 High Wycombe, UK
Thursday 25 January, 2024
Thursday 23 May, 2023
Thursday 03 October, 2024
Secrets of Reliable Testing Friday 20 October, 2023 1 High Wycombe, UK
Friday 26 January, 2024
Friday 24 May, 2024
Friday 04 October, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?
These courses are open to those who are interested in increasing their materials testing knowledge in order to improve testing techniques. It is recommended for those who operate or supervise the operation.

Do I need to attend all 5 days?
No, you can choose the days you would like to attend.

Can the courses be tailored to my application?
These courses are designed to be interactive, and questions and comments are encouraged. Your trainer will be happy to work with you to develop your own custom test methods.

These training courses are also available at your site. Contact us to learn more.

Where can I get more information?

Please either contact us on +44 1494 456815 or fill out the contact us form.