Secrets of Reliable Testing

How to avoid common mistakes

Even the most experienced of us make mistakes, whether we like to believe it or not! We are human, after all. Knowing what mistakes we are making and how to avoid them can save a lot of trouble down the line. In the materials testing world, one important question that needs to be asked is:

“Are you getting inconsistent results even though you are using the same method, testing machine, operator, or material in your tests?”

After being contacted for assistance by many customers, we created the Secrets of Reliable Testing training course. In this course, we teach you how to avoid the common mistakes leading to inconsistent results in materials testing.

At the end of the course, you will be fully equipped with the knowledge that your future tests will be consistent, accurate, and repeatable.

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Instron training

Location of training course: This course is available throughout Europe. The training can take place at your facility or a local Instron office. We offer a range of classroom training dates for this course at Instron’s European Centre of Excellence in High Wycombe.

Who is it for? Machine Operators, Lab Managers, Quality Managers, Research & Development, Product Development

Is prior knowledge of materials testing required? Yes, a basic level of knowledge on using testing machines.

How many people can attend? A maximum of 12 attendees per course.


1 Day Course: Modules 1-6

Module 1 — Measurement Error

In this module, find out how to avoid mistakes with your various transducers so you can ensure high levels of accuracy with each test.

Module 2 — Operator Mistakes

This module covers everything related to what the operator can do to ensure that repeatability in results is met on a consistent basis.

Module 3 — Safety Awareness

In this module, we will cover the basics to raise safety awareness around using your test machine.

Module 4 — From Standard to Test Method

This module ensures that you will understand how to interpret international testing standards and create your test method.

Module 5 — Test System Set-Up

This module will show you the safest way to set up your test system before you start running your tests.

Module 6 — Environmental Considerations

In this module, you will understand the environmental considerations before you do your next test, ensuring reliable results wherever your system is.

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5/24/2024 1 High Wycombe, UK Contact Training Register
10/4/2024 1 High Wycombe, UK Contact Training Register