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Why Organizations Around the World Trust Instron

With over 75 years of experience and more than 75,000 testing systems supplied worldwide, Instron is a global leader in the materials testing industry. For decades we have partnered with top innovators in the consumer electronics industry to address testing challenges introduced by new technology such as longer-lasting, fast-charging batteries; innovative displays that flex and fold; devices with increasing touch capabilities; high-density packaging that increase portability; and much more. As part of our partnership, we’ve designed our testing systems with flexibility in mind, making it easier to adapt our systems to test cutting edge technology for years to come.

For Testing a Wide Range of Electronics and Microelectronic Components

Instron Solutions

Instron offers a full spectrum of electromechanical universal testing systems to meet the low to mid-force testing needs of electronics and microelectronics manufacturers. The 68SC single column systems can test forces as low as 0.02 N up to 5 kN, while the 68TM dual column systems have a testing range up to 50 kN. Each of these systems can be equipped with a wide range of accessories to perform tensile, compression, bend, peel, and shear tests. Instron’s Engineered Solutions Group is also available to develop custom fixturing to accommodate abnormal specimen shapes and sizes. The dual column testing frames are available in custom widths and can be outfitted with heating and cooling chambers for temperature testing.

Single Column Universal Testing System

Test Smarter
1) Test All Your Products on One Machine
Class-leading load cell accuracy down to 1/1000 of the load cell capacity
2) Simple to Use
Touch-operated Bluehill® Universal software guides users through entire testing process with step-by-step instructions
3) Consistency in Testing
Test methods in Bluehill Universal are easy to transfer from system to system and lab to lab
4) Test at Temperature
Standard solutions from -100°C to +350°C compatible with dual column test frames
5) Improve Throughput
Standard test systems can be outfitted with a range of automation solutions
6) Grip All Specimen Types & Geometries
Wide range of interchangeable grips and fixtures for testing everything from tiny microelectronic assemblies to final products
7) Adaptable
Systems can be adapted to accommodate custom fixturing


Accessories for Testing Electronics 
For Tensile, Compression, Bend, Peel, and Shear Testing

Adaptability is key when testing electronics and microelectronics, which often come in a wide range of sizes and geometries that change frequently as technologies and consumer preferences continue to evolve. Instron systems are compatible with a wide range of grips, fixtures, and system accessories ideally suited for testing the mechanical properties of these products, and can be easily adapted to accommodate custom fixturing.

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Improving Efficiency for High Volume Testing

High testing volumes can be made more manageable by incorporating some degree of automation. This can include everything from automated specimen measurement devices to automated XY stages and completely automated robotic testing systems. Our dedicated team of experienced automation engineers work with you to develop a system that meets your throughput requirements.

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AT2 Automated XY Stage 

Environmental Chamber
Control and Monitor Your Testing Environment

Many electronics, including microelectronics and batteries, are subject to extreme temperatures during use. It is important for manufacturers to understand performance and safety factors under a wide variety of conditions. Environmental chambers enable you to test the mechanical properties of your materials and products at temperatures ranging from -100°C to +350°C. These chambers can be controlled in Bluehill Universal and offer rapid heat up and cool down times for improved throughput.

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For Consistency in Testing Across Multiple Sites

Whether your testing is contained to a single lab or spread across hundreds of locations in a global supply chain, consistency is key. Bluehill Universal software allows you to create test methods on any system and easily share them with other test systems or labs performing similar testing – offering more control and confidence in your testing process.

Electronics Test Method Selections in Bluehill Universal

To Perform the Most Common Test Types for Electronics and Microelectronics

6800 Series Universal Testing Systems 
Universal Testing Systems

Instron table model universal testing machines can perform tensile, compression, bend, peel, shear, and other mechanical tests on materials, components, and products to ASTM, ISO, and other industry standards.

ElectroPuls Testing Systems 
Electrodynamic Systems

Instron ElectroPuls® systems with force ranges from 1 kN to 10 kN are ideal for dynamic testing of electronics and microelectronics.

9400 Series Drop Tower 
Drop Tower Systems

Drop towers qualify the impact resistance of materials, components, and final products and are available from basic un-instrumented to fully instrumented systems with ultra-high speed data acquisition. Learn how drop towers can be used for tensile impact testing for high strain rate measurements.

Instron Service Map

Global Service Organization | Experienced Team Members in Your Local Area

Instron’s worldwide service and support team is committed to helping you maintain your investment regardless of your location. Dedicated to keeping our customers operating at peak efficiency, Instron has more than 250 accredited service personnel around the globe who have trained extensively on Instron systems. Our technicians are ready to answer your questions, provide training, install systems, repair and upgrade existing machines, provide calibration and verification services per NIST traceable standards, and make sure your equipment complies with global testing standards.