Export Control

Instron®’s policy is to conduct business in a responsible manner within the guidelines set out by the US, UK and German export control regulations and laws. Instron will not sell product or provide technical assistance if it is known or suspected that the products or advice is to be used for purposes proscribed by US, UK & German legislation and will only do business in full compliance with all United States and other applicable laws and regulations. 

You (The Customer) acknowledge that the export of Goods and Technology herein maybe subject to the export control regulations of the United States, United Kingdom or Germany, as amended and agree as a condition and issuance of any subsequent order or contract hereto, that the Goods and Technology will not be used for purposes associated with any chemical, biological, nuclear weapons or missiles capable of delivering such weapons, or in support of any terrorist activity or any other WMD end use. Nor, will they be re-sold or transferred if it is known or suspected that they are intended for such purposes. This agreement is subject to acceptance that export of Goods and Technology here under is contingent upon the export controls of the United States.