Instron's food fixtures cover a wide range of industry-standard testing methods including compression, puncture, shear and extrusion. A variety of anvils, probes, shear, extrusion and bending fixtures are available for R&D, Quality Assurance, and Process Control testing. Food fixtures provided by Instron are designed with materials that are corrosion-resistant and durable. All fixtures can be mounted in a Drip Tray to help keep the test area clean when evaluating the texture of wet, juicy or easily fractured foods.

Principle Of Operation

As chewing occurs food is compressed, sheared and torn causing it to disintegrate in preparation for swallowing. Texture can be described as a set of characteristics that define how food disintegrates during this process. Instron's food fixtures are designed to provide a measure of these characteristics providing test results that relate to texture.

Application Range

Texture analysis of solid and semi-solid foods including Cereal Products, Baked Goods, Processed and Muscle Meats, Fruits and Vegetables, Dairy Products, Snack Foods, Pasta and Noodles, Confectionery, Fish, Seafood and more...


Item Name Upper Fitting Lower Fitting Cat #
3-Jaw Chuck 6 mm Clevis Pin (Type Om) "Only Upper" 2830-036
Ball-End Probes, Set of 5 Requires 3-jaw chuck 2830-036 Requires Drip Tray S5400A and Support Frame S4472A S5410A
Compression Anvil, 2580 mm (4 in) Square Area 6 mm Clevis Pin (Type Om) Requires suitable lower anvil or support plate S5402A
Flat Shear Blade 6 mm Clevis Pin (Type Om) Requires S5406A or S5401A S5409A
Food Fixture Drip Tray Requires Food Fixture 0.5 in Clevis Pin (Type Dm) S5400A
Food Fixture Support Frame Requires Food Fixture Drip Tray S5400A S4427A
Puncture Probe Set 3-Jaw Chuck "Only Upper" 2830-005
Puncture Probe Set, Magness-Taylor 3-Jaw Chuck "Only Upper" 2830-015
Sample Support Plate Set Requires optional food probes Requires Drip Tray S5400A and Support Frame S4472A S5401A