ElectroPuls® Pull Rod Kit

Principle of OperationThe Electropuls Pull Rod Kit is a set of 4 different length pull rods suitable for fatigue, tension, compression, and torsion testing. The pull rod kit optimizes compatible accessories for maximum range of operation when used on the new ElectroPuls test instruments (except E1000) in combination with a 3119-605 chamber.
Electropuls Pull Rod Kit 3117-082


  • Dynamic Linear Capacity: ±20kN (±4496 lbf)
  • Dynamic Torque Capacity: Up to ±130 Nm (±1150 in-lb)
  • Suitable for linear and torsion including full reverse-stress dynamic testing
  • Includes Thermal Breaks to ensure no excessive thermal transfer occurs to sensitive components
  • Optimized for a range of compatible accessories when used on new ElectroPuls test instruments (except E1000) with a 3119-605 chamber
    - 20 kN Compression Platens
    - 3-Point Bend Fixture
    - 4-Point Bend Fixture Conversion Kit
    - Linear-Torsion Mechanical Wedge-Action Grips

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