The 3117-501 pullrods reverse-stress pullrods with hydraulic preload designed for elevated temperature Low Cycle Fatigue applications. The pullrods are also suitable for hot tensile tests and other reverse axial stress applications.

Application Range

  • Full reverse stress high temperature testing
  • High temperature fatigue testing
  • High temperature tensile testing
  • High temperature fracture mechanics (when used with optional high temperature CT grips)

Features and Benefits

  • Designed with an external rod diameter of 60mm to provide lateral stiffness for excellent alignment characteristics
  • Provides proven repeatable alignment to Class 5 according to ISO12106 & ASTM E606 when used in conjunction with AlignPro alignment fixture 1
  • Suitable for threaded or button headed specimens with the appropriate specimen adaptors
  • Features replaceable specimen insert seats to enable easy refurbishment
  • Lower pullrod includes integrated angular adjustment capability
  • Interchangeable adapters allow various threaded-end and buttton specimen sizes to be accommodated
  • Preloading mechanism is hydraulically driven - more repeatable than manually clamping
  • “One touch operation” via the use of an electric pump (3117-503 only) thereby eliminating variations due to human error
  • Scribed feature on pullrods to enable consistent rotational allignment
  • Precision faces are all water cooled to allow tighter tolerances without the risk of seizing due to high temperatures
  • No rotation of specimen or any components during clamping
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