Versatile Gripping Solution for a Wide Range of Materials and Specimen Types

Pneumatic side action grips are an effective solution for gripping a wide range of materials and specimen types, including fibers, wires, sheet, foils, film, textiles, plastics, elastomers, and components. Repeatable gripping force and speed of operation make pneumatic grips the ideal choice for a wide range of testing applications. In addition, the 2712-04x and 2712-05x grips also have a number of enhanced features to further improve ease of use, repeatability and operator safety including jaw face shields, super-quick jaw face changes and an optional specimen centering device.

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50 N - 10 kN Force Capacities

2712-04x Series Pneumatic Side Action Grips

Mid-Range Grips
1 kN, 2 kN, 5 kN, and 10 kN Force Capacities

The 2712-04x Series grips are ideal for static tensile testing on a wide range of materials and specimen types including plastics, elastomers, metals, textiles, paper, thin sheet, foil, and wire.

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2712-05x Series Pneumatic Side Action Grips

Low-Force Grips
50 N and 250 N Force Capacities

The 2712-05x grips are ideal for static tensile testing on a wide range of materials and specimen types including plastics, elastomers, textiles, paper, thin sheets, foil, wire, film, and monofilaments.

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Temperature Rated Pneumatic Grips

For high and low temperature testing requirements, the temperature rated pneumatic grips provide a convenient method for clamping a variety of materials within a temperature controlled environment.

2 kN and 10 kN High Temperature Pneumatic Side Action Grips

2 kN and 10 kN Grips
-70°C to +316°C Temperature Rating

Catalog no. CP122505, CP124893, CP125726, CP126077

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2732-008, 2732-009 High Temperature Pneumatic Side Action Grips

1 kN Grips
-73°C to +316°C Temperature Rating

Catalog no. 2732-008, 2732-009

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2732-006 High Temperature Pneumatic Side Action Grips

100 N Grips
-70°C to +316°C Temperature Rating

Catalog no. 2732-006

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Pnuematic Grips on a 6800 System

Principle of Operation

Pneumatic action grips clamp the specimen through a dual lever arm, actuated by an air cylinder built into the grip body. Gripping force can be controlled by adjusting the input air pressure and remains constant even if the specimen contracts in the gripped area providing the ultimate in 'follow-up' action. Pneumatic grips can be operated by a foot switch or by grip mounted air-valves (most models) making them quicker and simpler to operate than screw-action grips.

Application Range

  • Type of loading: tensile, static, tension-tension cyclic tests - not suitable for high cycle fatigue tests
  • Specimen material: plastics, metals, textiles, paper, thin sheet, foil, wire, film, and monofilaments
  • Specimen shapes: round (wires) and flat specimen with or without shoulder tab ends

Force Capacity Catalog no.
50 N 2712-051
250 N 2712-052
1 kN 2712-041
2 kN 2712-042
5 kN 2712-045
10 kN 2712-046

360° VIEW
Swipe to Spin

10 kN Model | 2712-046
1 kN Model | 2712-041

250 N Model | 2712-052
50 N Model | 2712-051


Protect Operators from Pinch Hazards

Jaw Face Shields

Protect fingers from pinching hazard between the jaw faces (patent pending).

Adjustable Air Flow Control

The adjustable flow-control valve can be used to slow down the jaw face closing speed to help prevent accidents.

Adjustable Opening

The 1, 2, 5, and 10 kN models feature an adjustable jaw face opening which can be set to the thickness of the specimen.

Easily Change Grips and Jaw Faces Without Any Tools

1 kN Pneumatic Side Action Grip


Unique Lock Nut Design

Designed for easy and comfortable hand-tightening to eliminate backlash. The smaller thread pitch also makes it easier to apply the required pre-load.


Quick Release Air Hose

A rotatable connection allows for tidy hose runs. Quick-connect makes disconnecting air supply quick and simple.


Quick Change Jaw Faces

Changes jaw faces in seconds without any tools or pins, and without removing the grips from the testing system.



Designed to Increase Testing Throughput and Repeatability

Alignment Device

The optional specimen alignment device increases repeatability by helping operators load the specimen in the center of the grips.

Notch In Jaw Face Shield

Wire Alignment

The notch in the jaw face shields makes testing wires quicker and easier.

Self-Centering Design

Self-Centering Design

Easily maintain axiality of loading without adjusting for changes in specimen thickness.


Offsettable Jaw Faces

Available on the 5 kN and 10 kN grips, offsettable jaw faces allow testing of irregular specimens or components (e.g. lap shear).

Precision Specimen Loader

Available for 250 N grips, this optional device improves the alignment and setup process for testing thin films and foils, reducing variability in test results while improving ergonomics and safety.

Specimen Holding Device

The optional specimen holding device allows the operator to close the grips with their fingers out of the test space.

Jaw Faces

Wide Range of Jaw Faces

Available in rubber-coated, serrated, smooth-ground, brake-lining (HFC), line-contact, wave-profile, and vee-serrated.

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