For Tensile Testing Thin Sheets, Films, Flexible Plastics, Rubber, and Elastomers

2713 Series Self Tightening Thin Film Grips

The self-tightening grips are primarily designed for the precision testing of elastomeric and other flexible materials exhibiting a large reduction in cross-section area under load. They provide excellent testing accuracy, positive non-slip gripping action and are quick and simple to use. The upper grip is counter balanced so that the specimen can be aligned with the load cell to eliminate non-axial forces.

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1 kN - 5 kN Force Capacities

1 kN Model | 2713-007
2 kN Model | 2713-004
5 kN Model | 2713-002

Principle of Operation

The self tightening grip uses an eccentric roller type clamping action. A single fast action lever reduces the time required to load specimens. Specimen insertion is extremely easy and the spring pressures of the roller bracket gives a positive non-slip action gripping force. This is sufficient to hold the material until a load is applied. The follow up action of the roller while under test prevents the specimen from slipping out of the grip as the load increases.

Specimen Loading: 1 kN Grips
Specimen Loading: 2 kN Grips

Application Range

  • Type of loading: tensile, static, and tension cyclic tests - not suitable for high cycle dynamic fatigue tests
  • Specimen materials: thin sheets, films, flexible plastic and elastomers
  • Specimen shapes: flat specimen with or without shoulder tab ends

Catalog no. 2713-007 2713-004 2713-002
Force Capacity 1 kN 2 kN 5 kN
Maximum Specimen Width 43 mm 28 mm 28 mm
Temperature Range -70 °C to 150 °C -70 °C to 315 °C -70 °C to 315 °C
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Self-Tightening Eccentric Roller Grips

Self-Tightening Eccentric Roller Tensile Grips

Quick Loading

Fast action for rapid specimen insertion to increase testing throughput.

Non-Slip Grip

Positive, non-slip gripping action for accurate results.


Eccentric Roller

Eccentric roller type clamping action increases clamping force with applied force.

Ambient and Non-Ambient Testing

Designed for use in -70° C to 315° C (-94° F to 600° F) temperature ranges.


Low-Force Grips

2713-006 Thin Film Grips

Thin Film Grips
2713-006 Series | 100 N Force Capacity

These grips are ideal for tensile testing natural rubber latex, elastomers, paper, and polymer films.

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