Torsion Cells

W 5510 T3 P

Torsion cells for use with the 55MT series torsion frames are available in several capacities depending on the frame model. Lower capacity cells extend the range of the machine and increase the functionality of the 55MT Series test frame.

For the 55MT1, the torsion cells are miniature reaction torque transducers. These cells are very small, with excellent linearity and repeatability. All cells use the same mounting pattern, so interchangeability of fixturing is no problem (the weight of the fixturing may be a factor with the 2 in-lb cell).

These cells are provided with the integrated mounting and overload protection plates that are used to mount the main cell on the 55MT1 frames. This not only provides protection for the cell, but also allows for extremely fast changeouts from the main cell to the low range cell.

For the larger 55MT2 and 55MT20 frames, the cells are flanged reaction torque transducers. This provides a higher resistance to bending moments. The cell has a high torsional stiffness and low end sensitivity.

All cells for a particular frame use a standard circular mounting pattern so the cells mount to the frame with the same hardware as the main cell. No additional adapters are required as all existing fixturing mounts to the lower capacity cells in the same manner as for the main cell.

All torsion cells convert rotational motion to an electrical signal that is representative of the torque induced. When it is necessary to test smaller specimens, low capacity cells can be added to increase the operating range of the machine.

If the maximum applied torque to the specimen under test is well below the capacity of the frame, adding a low range cell will increase the resolution of the torque measuring transducer.

Installing the torque cells on the 55MT1 and 55MT2 frames requires only the use of allen wrenches so changeout is a snap. This reduces down time and increases productivity. For the larger 55MT20, a torque wrench with allen sockets is required when changing cells.

Application Range
  • Low Deflection 
  • Integrated Overload Protection device (<200 in-lb capacity only) 
  • Swap from full capacity to low capacity in less than a minute (<200 in-lb capacity only)
Item Name Torque Capacity Accessory Diameter Cat #
Torsion Load Cell 0.225 Nm 2 in-lb 54.0 mm 2.125 in W-5510-T4
Torsion Load Cell 2.25 Nm 20 in-lb 54.0 mm 2.125 in W-5510-T3
Torsion Load Cell 22 Nm 200 in-lb 54.0 mm 2.125 in W-5510-T2
Torsion Load Cell 220 Nm 2,000 in-lb 101.6 mm 4.00 in W-5510-T1