W-5231 | Floor-Standing Interlocked Enclosure for LX/DX Frame

Floor-standing interlocked enclosure for use with a LX/DX (or similar footprint) frame. The enclosure's extruded aluminum frame and clear polycarbonate panels enclose the entire test space.

On servo controlled systems the interlocks prohibit tests from starting or continuing if the enclosure door is open. Interlocks are not wired and enabled with manually controlled (hand valve operated) machines.

762 mm (30 in) wide front and rear access doors are provided for access to the test machine. Enclosure is 1400 mm (55.1 in) wide. Depth is adjustable to 914mm (36 in), 1067mm (42 in), or 1219mm (48 in) depending on frame depth.

Enclosure height is specified via W-5231-* selection.