BI-7050 Axial-Torsion Servo-Hydraulic Testing System meets the challenging demands of various static and dynamic test requirements. The system carries out axial, torsion, or combined axial-torsion tests. With the actuator in the upper crosshead and a lower t-slot table, the system makes an ideal platform for testing a variety of medical devices, biomaterials, advanced materials, and other components testing.​


  • Twin column high stiffness, precision aligned load frame with actuator mounted on top movable crosshead​
  • Double-acting servo-hydraulic actuator with force capacity up to ±25 kN and torque capacity of ±250 Nm​
  • 100 mm of usable axial stroke and ±50° of rotation​
  • Designed for both dynamic and static testing on a variety of materials and components​
  • Choice of hydraulic configuration and dynamic performance to suit​ application​
  • Extra-height frame option for testing longer load strings
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