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Since 2007, running tests over billions of cycles, ElectroPuls systems are the established materials testing instruments using patented linear motor technology. Offering slow-speed static and high-frequency fatigue testing, this versatile testing capability means ElectroPuls systems are ideal for any lab or office space.

You can now choose from axial only or combined axial-torsion systems that can deliver up to 20 kN and 130 Nm. Available in 4 sizes, simply pick the one that's right for you.

For the maximum capacity and force for your electrodynamic testing requirements, we have recently introduced the NEW ElectroPuls E20000 model.

ElectroPuls, a simpler, smarter, safer way to meet your testing needs.


ElectroPuls Family

Redefining the Test Space

Operator using ElectroPuls
Maximize Your Test Throughput
WaveMatrix3 Dynamic Testing Software provides users the ability to quickly and easily construct a wide range of dynamic and quasi-static test methods using minimal steps within a simple matrix structure.

Simplify Your Working Environment
Made in our UK manufacturing facility, the all-electric ElectroPuls instruments simplify dynamic testing; it is a clean, quiet, plug & play system that is economical to maintain and can be located practically anywhere.

Stiffness Based Tuning
Instron’s Stiffness Based Tuning is used to quickly optimize the performance of your fatigue testing system, with no expertise required and no pre-cycling on the specimen.



Redefining the Testing Experience

Future proof your lab today and increase your testing capability without adding complexity to your system.
The patented biaxial motor of ElectroPuls instruments combines axial and torsional testing with an integrated actuator.


Safety Without Sacrificing Usability

Increase Your Peace of Mind and Concentrate on Your Testing
Prevent sample debris from leaving the test area and reduce the risk of multiple operators simultaneously controlling the system. The integrated guard and single point of control maintain the highest level of operator safety.

Keep Your Users Safe During Test Setup and Whilst Running Tests
The low drive power mode restricts the force and velocity of actuator movement during setup and interlocks prevent pneumatic grips from opening during testing.


Available Models
<1 N - 20 kN Force Capacities | Up to 130 Nm Torque Capacity

All-electric table top test instrument designed for dynamic and static testing on a wide range of materials and components.


ElectroPuls Available Models Table E1000

ElectroPuls E1000
±1 kN Force Capacity


ElectroPuls Available Models Table E3000

ElectroPuls E3000
±3 kN Force and ±25 Nm Torque Capacity


ElectroPuls Available Models Table E10000

ElectroPuls E10000
±10 kN Force and ±100 Nm Torque Capacity


ElectroPuls Available Models Table E20000

ElectroPuls E20000
±20 kN Force and ±130 Nm Torque Capacity


ElectroPuls Applications

ElectroPuls systems offer incredible versatility in testing solutions in a number of different industries, including biomedical, orthopaedics, consumer electronics, and research institutions. To help you explore the thousands of different customer applications running on ElectroPuls, we’ve grouped them in to the following categories: Validation, Simulation, Materials and Universal.


ElectroPuls Applications


Case Studies

ElectroPuls System with WaveMatrix2 and AVE2

With growing test requirements in terms of both quantity and complexity, it soon became clear to Synoste that to be successful the only solution was to own their test resources by bringing their testing in-house with their own equipment.


Through the use of machine learning, Siemens Digital Industries have incorporated the ability to predict fatigue behaviour for 3D printed components in their Simcenter 3D Specialist Durability software. With test data provided by ElectroPuls users at KU Leuven, the machine learning algorithm can assess build orientation and surface roughness to provide local SN curve predictions.


It has been shown that changes in tissue microstructure are key in cancerous growth, namely an increased tissue stiffness. Investigating its mechanical properties is key to creating a biomechanical model of tumor growth.


BaoWu Group
Using an ElectroPuls E10000, from low-speed static testing of food-grade lightweight materials to dynamic long-term mechanical property testing of materials such as ultra-thin steels under variable frequency and amplitude.



ElectroPuls Upgrades
Act now and plan for future-proofing your ElectroPuls

ElectroPuls Upgrades
ElectroPuls Upgrades are not just a controller update. It is a system upgrade to bring your ElectroPuls entirely up to the current specifications, providing you the same features and advantages of a brand new system at a fraction of the price.

Let Instron help you plan and schedule your ElectroPuls upgrade. Secure your investment and benefit from the full range of Instron’s newest product innovations at a fraction of the price of a brand new system.

An ElectroPuls upgrade will protect from future technology obsolescence, as well as giving you access to all the benefits of a brand new ElectroPuls – including a full 1-year system warranty!



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