ElectroPuls Upgrades

Plan for the Future. Optimize your Systems

ElectroPuls Upgrades are not just a controller update. It is a system upgrade to bring your ElectroPuls entirely up to the current specifications, providing you the same features and advantages of a brand new system at a fraction of the price.

Much more than just a new controller, the ElectroPuls Upgrade is a package that includes hardware, firmware, software, and service. Everything needed to get your ElectroPuls system up to the latest specification.

Once completed, an ElectroPuls upgrade includes a full one-year system warranty. The warranty covers the entire ElectroPuls system, not just the replaced components.

ElectroPuls Upgrades

Act Now and Prepare for the Future

Let Instron help you plan and schedule your ElectroPuls upgrade. Secure your investment and benefit from the full range of Instron’s newest product innovations at a fraction of the price of a brand new system.

An ElectroPuls upgrade will protect from future technology obsolescence, as well as giving you access to all the benefits of a brand new ElectroPuls – including a full 1-year system warranty!

Simplify your testing with intuitive operation. Test smarter with Instron’s new tuning algorithms that give you high-quality data, even with low stiffness test materials. Secure the Future and keep up with the latest advances in ElectroDynamic testing technology. Open the door to new features and accessories.

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