Medium Force Fatigue Testing Machines are servo-hydraulic solutions built for static and dynamic testing at various frequencies, environments and temperatures. They are ideal for monotonic, low and high cycle fatigue, fatigue crack propagation and fracture toughness tests. Load frames are aligned to high precision alignment procedures


  • Double-acting servo-hydraulic actuator with force capacity up to ±600 kN (±22 kip)
  • High-stiffness, precision-aligned, self-reacting load frame with twin columns and actuator in lower base/top crosshead,
  • Mechanical/hydraulic/pneumatic anti vibration pads
  • Rated for operations up to 200Hz cyclic operations
  • 150 mm (6 in) of usable stroke
  • Choice of hydraulic configuration and dynamic performance to suit application
  • Adjustable upper crosshead with hydraulic lifts and locks for easy adjustment of daylight
  • Compatible with a large range of grips, fixtures, chambers, video extensometers, protective shields, and other accessories
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